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Writing Pet Peeves I: Love Triangles

Alright, since I have the sudden urge to really write right now, I have to share a very specific thing that I can’t stand. Hopefully I won’t run out of them before I’ve made at least four. Haha, since there’s not a lot of people reading I can post a lot of random junk that doesn’t have to do with my writing, a lot like how celebrities post random stuff that nobody cares about on their Twitter, yet there are a lot of people who follow them and like them anyway. I’m looking at you Ryan Lochte (can we even call those tweets? They isn’t a single one that makes sense or is worth writing). I might have to do a whole post on this later.

So, back to the point- pet peeves. And I will start on a big one: love triangles. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: How can you hate love triangles? SOOO much drama (yeah, I did those in all caps on purpose and multiple O’s, another one of my pet peeves) and cute ships! Uh, okay, correct me if I’m wrong but love triangles do sell and are perfect for fangirling over but they’re infuriating to read about. I swear, I almost couldn’t make it through the Hunger Games trilogy without wanting to scream at Katniss: “Peeta is nice and really in love with you, Gale is a jerk who is selfish and horrible. How is it even a question?” That’s not it. In most love triangles, where there is one girl and two guys, the girl is always really indecisive and annoying, repeating the golden “Ooh, but they’re just SOOO cute.” Okay, that’s excusable for the first few days (I’m saying this because I had to help someone with this problem. It was not pretty, folks). But then it gets annoying because both guys end up charming her again and again.

Now let’s get started on the predictable situation here: there’s always going to be the sweet, good guy and the bad boy who’s irresistibly attractive no matter how horrible he is. Step one: Meet both guys. Step two: Whine over them. Step Three: Good guy shows jerky side, bad boy shows nice side. Step Four: Choose bad boy and live happily ever after. This is where I can respect the Hunger Games trilogy. But I’m right, right? It’s a tweaked version with the rare occasion where there’s two girls and a guy. After the huge fight between the girls, the guy chooses one girl and usually ends up with the other. Make up your mind!

Now I’ve heard that people think I’m a hypocrite because I read a book where there’s two people really in love but one of them is probably going to end up with another person. It may have been a book I felt really passionate about, but it wasn’t a love triangle! It was two people who couldn’t be together, right? Man, it’s late, and if you’re still here with me I am worn out from typing in so many feelings.