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So I googled one of my character’s names and what turned up was a link to an Urban Dictionary page where they defined the name. In fact, Urban Dictionary does this. You can type in your name and see what some people have defined it being? As? Grammar fail…. So I looked up my name, Mia and after I was done being flattered by multiple people I looked up all my character’s names and looked for a definition that fit them, and if there wasn’t I needed to find a new name. Here are the ones I chose (I did not write any of them, these come from the geniuses online amongst a million idiots and I think this gives you an idea of some character’s personalities and the ones to come):


A wonderful girl who has turned your whole life around, a girl who has trouble seeing how much love you have for her. A girl who, described what attracts you to her, its “something-you-can’t-quite-describe”. All of your friends tell you “you can do better”, but you still know love, in a strange way, is still there.


One of the sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet. He is intelligent and athletic and insanely popular. He has a great sense of humour and all of the girls love him. He always has time for the little people and he makes everyone feel welcome. He has a powerful sense of justice and has strong morals. He is the sort of person that you will find at your school reunion who is still in great shape and has a successful career and is married to the love of his life.


Noah is just the boy-next-door to some people. But he’s way more to people that stop and figure him out. He’s an extremely talented musician, and very hard-working. He’s too hard on himself most of the time, and he doesn’t know how great he really is. Noah has so many friends that he doesnt’ know what to do with them all. Lots of girls like him, and some are crazy about him, but he’s a free spirit. He loves to travel, and is one day going to change the world somehow.

Tristan (this is the so-so one, only some parts work):
Masculine by definition, weak by choice. Love and hate with unity. Difficult to figure out, so don’t try. he’ll show only what he want you to see, so look deeper. he can read people by their body language, what they say and facial expression. seeks love for completion. he’s ambitious, funny,arrogant, protective, very passionate in everything he expresses. aggressive but gentle, faïencent but brut all at the same damn time.he they like to make points and don’t care too much for details. seems out of control, but be careful they calculate even irrational behavior. he’ll tell you the truth to the best of his wisdom.


1. outright sarcastic but very friendly

2. softhearted

3. compassionate

4. lovable

5. talented in music and arts

So, I didn’t write these (if I had, they would have better punctuation) and I didn’t put up some character’s definitions, but they’re pretty accurate. Tune in for more!
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