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Pow Wow Friday No. 1

Since I decided I should try to write something today, I decided to do a Pow Wow. See, there’s this swimming coach who lets us have Pow Wows in betweens sets and it’s really just a time to relax and answer questions, so I should try to post about one. I would usually ask people to comment on what questions should be on the post next Friday, but since I don’t have any commenters because it’s the first one, I chose some.

What are you afraid of?

I don’t have any phobias, but I don’t like tight spaces. I hate parasites (who likes them anyway?), but the biggest is missing out on life. People always have those amazing life moments where they did something crazy and felt like champions. You don’t want to be the one who wasn’t there.

What kind of music do you like and how does it affect your writing?

I can’t define my taste in music with one word. I like pop but I’m not super mainstream. If you looked at my favorite songs playlist there would be: pop, rock, alternative, instrumental symphony sounds, etc. Music affects everybody’s writing! I got my inspiration for the story I’m writing from a song and some pictures online. The song is called “What Happened to Me” and even though it’s not my usual jam it makes me think of how you grow as a person. It was also featured in a fan trailer for a story I read online that was very… touching. Maybe I should post the link later…. So it’s kind of the song that gets me in the mood to write another chapter.

What would be the perfect scene in a book/movie?

For me? Hmm, if a story I wrote was converted to movie form in my mind. Let’s say we’re talking romance-y and there were two characters who you want to be together but they’re too shy. It would be a first kiss scene when the sun is setting or it’s dark out and they’ re in the street alone (don’t worry, nothing bad is going to happen) and they’re saying “It won’t work out” after one date. Okay, fine, maybe I’m copying One Tree Hill¬†(a show I have not seen myself) when I say that “I Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot is playing in the background.¬†Then the girl nods and turns to walk away with tears in her eyes and just as the chorus is coming in, the guy is like “wait” and kisses her. That’s just such a beautiful moment to me. Since this answer is too long, I’ll have to wait for other kinds of perfect scenes later.

And… that’s it! I hope you guys comment because I’m running low on inspiration for questions and it will be very awkward if next Friday rolls by with no comments. I should probably post more about music or the links to the songs.

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