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A Summary of Why I Suck

Hello anybody who bothered to read this (I hope you have better things to do… or not because that means more views for me ūüėČ )! I suck because I haven’t done a post in forever, not ones worth reading because I am lazy.

This post is short because I don’t suck that much.

R.I.P. Any hope in modesty.


How to Get Inspired: Dreams

Greetings my underlings!

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about writing, it’s that you can suddenly get inspired to write in the most random places. For example, one time I was in Paris and my sister was telling me a detailed description of her dream. Yeah. Lucky her, if you’re like me you forget what it was about by the time you get downstairs. It was one of the most interesting dreams I’ve ever heard about. I think it was about how she and her friends were jamming at a dance when suddenly they had to flee and get onto a school bus to escape from danger. They were then taken to a fortress with a warrior princess who tells them to start “training”. They are then put in suits and are supposed to fight multiple creatures and when they defeat them, they “level up”. Apparently the technology malfunctioned because a level three hundred and-something monster came and battled my sister. The rest is blurry, I just remember there was a random girl who joined them and then they go back to the dance and it turns out that the new girl was the evil one.

Big surprise. In her defense, this was a very long time ago. It’s better than basing them off my own dreams. I either don’t remember them, they’re really terrifying (most of the time), or they make so little sense it’s impossible to base anything off of them. Not to mention the P.O.V. is so confusing. At first I’m the person interacting in my dream, the character. And then halfway through I seem to change my mind and I’m watching a random character taking my place. I think I’ll take my sister’s dreams, thank you very much.

Since we’re on the topic of dreams, did you know that it’s possible to control every single part of your dream if you train yourself? I would want to do that, but then I’m afraid of losing all of the confusion, all of the randomness. Also, did you know that if you say “dream” in your dreams you wake up? I tried it. It worked. I guess that it depends on if you know you’re dreaming, like me, and how much control you have.

Anyway, the sheer creativity of your subconscious mind can help you fashion something amazing. Just want you guys to know that.


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Hello, Nice to Meet You Again

Oh, hello! I haven’t seen you guys in a while because I suck. Not that it matters much anyway… I’m half certain that the few people who had any interest in my sad attempt at writing have given up completely. But I’ve been really busy, what with traveling back home over the pacific ocean to the glorious island of Isla Formosa. And then school started. However old you think I am, I probably younger… much younger. Anyway, I have recently decided to start writing even though I have been just stuck there, wondering¬†what should happen next?¬†Instead of actually working, I’ve been listening to glorified ballads on repeat (guilty pleasure alert) and trying to convince myself that I’m a certified swagger daddy. It hasn’t been working. So… what else to say? I’m sure that you’re tired of me wallowing in my self-pity by now and my attempts to be funny.

JUUPPPITTTERRRRR (¬†, 0:33, sorry, I can’t find out how to get my links to work. Best six seconds of my life.)


(You: Like, does she think she’s funny?)

Yeah. I do.

R.I.P. Fake modesty

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Awkward Writing…

I have just decided to suddenly start getting more into actually planning my story instead of just making it up as I go along, and guess what? I still have an unnamed girl character, and I changed one of my other character’s names. I also don’t have any personality traits for some people like Lara. I don’t know what I want to do. So it would help me a lot if you guys did… it’s that moment when I’m supposed to hear those cricket sounds and otherwise dead silence, isn’t it? You guys are really quiet….

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Urban Dictionary

So I googled one of my character’s names and what turned up was a link to an Urban Dictionary page where they defined the name. In fact, Urban Dictionary does this. You can type in your name and see what some people have defined it being? As? Grammar fail…. So I looked up my name, Mia and after I was done being flattered by multiple people I looked up all my character’s names and looked for a definition that fit them, and if there wasn’t I needed to find a new name. Here are the ones I chose (I did not write any of them, these come from the geniuses online amongst a million idiots and I think this gives you an idea of some character’s personalities and the ones to come):


A wonderful girl who has turned your whole life around, a girl who has trouble seeing how much love you have for her. A girl who, described what attracts you to her, its “something-you-can‚Äôt-quite-describe”. All of your friends tell you “you can do better”, but you still¬†know love, in a strange way, is still there.


One of the sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet. He is intelligent and athletic and insanely popular. He has a great sense of humour and all of the girls love him. He always has time for the little people and he makes everyone feel welcome. He has a powerful sense of justice and has strong morals. He is the sort of person that you will find at your school reunion who is still in great shape and has a successful career and is married to the love of his life.


Noah is just the boy-next-door to some people. But he’s way more to people that stop and figure him out. He’s an extremely talented musician, and very hard-working. He’s too hard on himself most of the time, and he doesn’t know how great he really is. Noah has so many friends that he doesnt’ know what to do with them all. Lots of girls like him, and some are crazy about him, but he’s a free spirit. He loves to travel, and is one day going to change the world somehow.

Tristan (this is the so-so one, only some parts work):
Masculine by definition, weak by choice. Love and hate with unity. Difficult to figure out, so don’t try. he’ll show only what he want you to see, so look deeper. he can read people by their body language, what they say and facial expression. seeks love for completion. he’s ambitious, funny,arrogant, protective, very passionate in everything he expresses. aggressive but gentle, fa√Įencent but brut all at the same damn time.he they like to make points and don’t care too much for details. seems out of control, but be careful they calculate even irrational behavior. he’ll tell you the truth to the best of his wisdom.


1. outright sarcastic but very friendly

2. softhearted

3. compassionate

4. lovable

5. talented in music and arts

So, I didn’t write these (if I had, they would have better punctuation) and I didn’t put up some character’s definitions, but they’re pretty accurate. Tune in for more!
Ze Sunflower of Doom (I’m trying it out)
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Pow Wow Friday No. 1

Since I decided I should try to write something today, I decided to do a Pow Wow. See, there’s this swimming coach who lets us have Pow Wows in betweens sets and it’s really just a time to relax and answer questions, so I should try to post about one. I would usually ask people to comment on what questions should be on the post next Friday, but since I don’t have any commenters because it’s the first one, I chose some.

What are you afraid of?

I don’t have any phobias, but I don’t like tight spaces. I hate parasites (who likes them anyway?), but the biggest is missing out on life. People always have those amazing life moments where they did something crazy and felt like champions. You don’t want to be the one who wasn’t there.

What kind of music do you like and how does it affect your writing?

I can’t define my taste in music with one word. I like pop but I’m not super mainstream. If you looked at my favorite songs playlist there would be: pop, rock, alternative, instrumental symphony sounds, etc. Music affects everybody’s writing! I got my inspiration for the story I’m writing from a song and some pictures online. The song is called “What Happened to Me” and even though it’s not my usual jam it makes me think of how you grow as a person. It was also featured in a fan trailer for a story I read online that was very… touching. Maybe I should post the link later…. So it’s kind of the song that gets me in the mood to write another chapter.

What would be the perfect scene in a book/movie?

For me? Hmm, if a story I wrote was converted to movie form in my mind. Let’s say we’re talking romance-y and there were two characters who you want to be together but they’re too shy. It would be a first kiss scene when the sun is setting or it’s dark out and they’ re in the street alone (don’t worry, nothing bad is going to happen) and they’re saying “It won’t work out” after one date. Okay, fine, maybe I’m copying One Tree Hill¬†(a show I have not seen myself) when I say that “I Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot is playing in the background.¬†Then the girl nods and turns to walk away with tears in her eyes and just as the chorus is coming in, the guy is like “wait” and kisses her. That’s just such a beautiful moment to me. Since this answer is too long, I’ll have to wait for other kinds of perfect scenes later.

And… that’s it! I hope you guys comment because I’m running low on inspiration for questions and it will be very awkward if next Friday rolls by with no comments. I should probably post more about music or the links to the songs.

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